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Thursday, March 28, 2002
In 1991 when there were many festivals here and in places like Genoa, celebrating the upcoming 500 th anniversary year of Columbus's discovery of North America( the Carribean), I was on a ship sailing in the Virgin Islands. We were coming up on an Island called Nevus. I leaned over the edge of the railing to get a closer look as we were approaching the Island. When it was a couple of miles away, the sky was beginning to become overcast and the waves were getting a little choppy. It was one of the very few times in my life that I can remember being in such a strange , sort of (out of body?), surreal state. I felt as though I had traveled there in a Time Machine and it was no longer 1991. I was back in 1492 discovering this Island for the first time. I am not sure why at that moment I felt this way or what the significance was. ( I don't do drugs). But I remember the first thing that crossed my mind was "This must have been what Columbus felt like upon reaching his so-called 'Indies'. I may sound a bit corny but that's exactly what happened. I think it was a combination of being Nature-deprived ,(going on a long awaited reprieve from the' living and working in the city' mode) and the splendor of that beautiful aqua ocean surrounding me and that ship.
And that little Island appearing so desolate and so civilizationless. I wanted to stay in that moment and never come out of it. I felt very high and motionless. But everything else around me was ambulatory; the waves, the steady smooth rocking movement of that ship towards Nevus and that exquisite, soft temperate wind enticing me to float away. The clouds were in another dimension. They were moving in the sky in that kind of slow motion that makes you think you can grab on to one for a ride and peek at all that geography below you. How keen all of my senses were at that moment. The visual images of that palm-sand-turqoise Island , the indescribable sensation of that delicate/strong Carribean wind on my face and the swft gliding of the ship

If you can't close your eyes and do a virtual trip in your head or on the computer right now, you need to get out of the rut you're in and get over to some place with aqua and sand in it. In reliving this adventure, that I had not thought about for a long time , I am realizing that I have to get there soon. I want that all-senses preoccupation state and that Time Machine visit again for real.

Bon Voyage,
The Prince

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